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Weather Alert for Dec 24

Dec 24th

Due to the bad weather earlier this week, things have changed from previous years.

Dec. 24th volunteers who want to help with loading the vehicles with bags (dragging bags), we will ask you to report to Blue Ridge Electric Coop in Pickens by 6:30 am.  The Coop building (covered so you won't get rained on) is located at 734 West Main Street, Pickens, SC 29671.  However, you will need to go past the Coop Building and turn right onto Nealy Street (see signs).  Someone will be there to help you park.

Deliverers (note from the Country Santa)

The Country Santa schedule, setup, and delivery on Christmas Eve has been modified due to the rain system coming in this week. In order to protect the bags of toys normally located in the yard at the Country Santa building/yard, they have been moved to Blue Ridge Electric's large open covered warehouse at the Blue Ridge facility in Pickens located at 734 West Main Street, Pickens S.C. 29671. Directions below and attached to handout with the "Elf Rules" sheet to the delivery elves. 

1st - Stop by the Country Santa Building to receive your instructions and pickup any individual toys, boxes of food and/or bicycles. 

2nd Proceed to Blue Ridge Electric Coop building to pick up the bags that go with sheets you received from the Country Santa.  See detailed information below.

Christmas EVE is here.  We are asking Delivers to start arriving at the Country Santa driveway between 7:00 and 10:00 am.  We will try to move you in as fast as possible.  Deanna Hardin will be at the top of the road to greet everyone and allow drivers in when there is room.

Outdoor bathrooms are available: one at the Miracle Hill Chapel and the other one near a picnic shelter.

For directions to the Country Santa Building.

 Procedure for elves showing up for delivery:

  • Show up at the normal location at 112 Reece Lane as in the past. These instructions will be provided along with the standard "Elf Rules". 

  • Proceed to the Country Santa building as usual on Reece Lane. Delivery profile sheets will be picked up at the Country Santa building.

  • Food boxes for specified families will be picked up at the building.

  • You will be directed down to the lower parking lot to pick up any tagged toys in boxes or bikes that are for the families you are delivering to. Workers will load these items.   

  • Once loaded up, you will be directed back out of the drive....without the toy bags. 

  • Proceed to Pickens (Blue Ridge Electric Coop.- 734 West Main Street, Pickens S.C. 29671)to pick up the bags designated for each family. The elves will be waiting to load the bags in your vehicles. 

  • If you have any issues with the delivery, contact us by the telephone numbers listed on the Elf rules as before.

  • If you wish to do more deliveries, you will need to return to the Country Santa building for more profile sheets. Contact us to confirm we need additional runs.

  • NOTE:  The directions on the Family Profile Sheets are based on starting from the Country Santa Building.  You will need to review them based on starting from Blue Ridge Electric Coop in Pickens and make directions adjustments to the family locations.

I know that this requires more driving to get the deliveries done....but it is required for us to protect the toys from getting wet and possibly ruined due to the heavy rains this past week. Our army of volunteers has worked hard every day since Thanksgiving to prepare all this for the drivers. I hope that you feel as I do that we owe this additional effort to the kids we help, and to these volunteers.  

Thank you for being a part of this Christmas miracle to help the kids......

        Country Santa (AKA Buddy Cox)



Here is our procedure at the Country Santa Building: 

  • Due to our limited space and one way driveway we can only allow about 6 - 8 cars in at a time. 

  • Once you get to the Country Santa Building, someone will direct you into the building so the Country Santa (Buddy Cox) will hand you the Profile Sheets.  These sheet will have the directions and the number of bags and/or boxes of toys you will be delivering. 

  • From there you will be directed to the toy pick up.  Someone will then direct you to a  Coordinator.  This person will ask you for your Profile Sheets you received from the Country Santa.   The coordinator will have our own runners to retrieve the boxes of toys and/or bicycles.  Once the boxes are retrieved, they will be doubled check by the by a Coordinator and loaded into your vehicle.

  • We are asking the drivers and riders to remain in or near your vehicle. 

  • You may be asked to take a box of food, some plastic toys and/or a bicycle etc., if you have room.

  • Once you are loaded, then the yard coordinator will get you on you way as quick as possible.

  • If you plan to use your GPS, please do so once you leave the Country Santa area.  There is a church parking lot just passed the Country Santa driveway that can be used.

    We really appreciate all our volunteers because without you, we would not be able to deliver the toys to over 3000+ children.

Directions from the Country Santa Building to Blue Ridge Electric Coop in Pickens:

Address: 112 Reece Lane, Pickens SC 29671 to 201 Nealy Street Pickens, SC 29671

From Reece Lane Turn Right on Miracle Hill Road Take a Right on Dacusville Hwy / SC-135 Turn Left on Pumpkintown Hwy / SC-8 Go 8.8 miles Stay straight to go onto E Main Street / SC-183 Go 0.9 miles Go past Blue Ridge Electric - Turn Right on Nealy Street Building is on the Left


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