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Weather Alert for Dec 23 & 24

Due to the bad weather coming in (rain on Dec. 20th and 21st) things have changed from previous years.

Dec 23rd

Helpers (Elves)

Dec 23rd is when we usually put the bags out in the Country Santa's back yard.  This year all the bags have been moved to Blue Ridge Electric Coop building in downtown Pickens due to the weather.  The building is covered. We are using covered trucks to move the bags. 

Helpers are asked to meet Eric and group at Blue Ridge Electric Coop Building at 734 West Main Street in Pickens around 1:00 pm.  There the trucks will be unloaded and the bags placed in numerical order.

If you come to the Country Santa building, someone will be at the top of the hill to pass out directions to the Coop. Building in Pickens.

If you have any questions, call Bob at 430-0119.




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