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Most people think that helping the Country Santa is by delivering toys.  Well this is important and has to be done, but the real work is in the bagging toys, moving the bags and assisting the deliverers  in retrieving the bags.

See Home Page on details about the Covid Virus.  (No groups will be allowed to bag in the  building - only 5 - 6 people).

On December 23rd, we have to move approx. 1700 bags of toys from the Bagging Barn to the Bag Retrieval Field (Country Santa's backyard).  The bags have be to loaded onto trucks, hauled to the field and then placed in numerical order.  With enough help, this can be accomplished in less than three hours.   If you are interested in helping, come to the Country Santa building by 1:00 pm on Dec. 23rd.  See map for directions.


On December 24th we need approx. 20 people or more to retrieve the bags for the people who are delivering.  All we can promise you is a lot of running, a nice heater to stand by, hot coffee or hot chocolate and other snacks. 

If you are interested in helping, come to the Country Santa building by 6:30 am on Dec. 24th.  You will be stopped at the top of the Country Santa driveway.  Just tell the person at the top that you are here to help retrieve bags and he will let you through.  See map for directions.

If you are interested in delivering, see this page.



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